Tuesday, August 27, 2019

From drawing to signature - Stephane Alsac

Stephane Alsac is a contemporary artist living in France. He is passionate about wildlife, which is a constant source of inspiration for him.
His techniques used in the creation of hyperrealist paintings are based on oil painting, watercolor, sketches and drawing.
The painters's subjects are the wild animals and hi is especially attracted to the life of the African wild.
He is fascinated by the eyes of animals and and manages with art to convey to the viewer the emotion caught in the wild eyes.
He often paints large canvases and leans towards subtle details, which brings much appreciation.

Peinture à l'huile d'un cerf au 
brame - Du dessin à la signature

Grey wolf drawing by Jasmina Susak

Real time pencil drawing process of a grey wolf by Jasmina Susak (pencil artist, author, innovator and art instructor).