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Theodor Pallady

Theodor Pallady (11 April 1871 – 16 August 1956) was a Romanian painter. The artist was born in Iasi, but at a young age, his family sent him to Dresden, in Germany, where he studied engineering at the Dresden University of Technology between 1887 and 1889.
At the same time he was taking drawing and painting lessons with Erwin Oehme, who, recognizing his artistic endowment, advised him to go to Paris.
In Paris he worked in the Jean Arman's studio and enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts (Académie des Beaux-Arts).
In 1892, he worked in the studio of Gustave Moreau. Here Pallady had as colleagues Henri Matisse, with whom he befriended later, Georges Rouault, and Albert Marquet. From Puvis de Chavannes, he mainly takes on the fineness of the drawing and the brightness of the colors, without following its academic aesthetic principles.
In 1904, Theodor Pallady returned to Romania, where he held an exhibition at the Romanian Athenaeum.
He continued to hold many personal exhibitions in Paris, up until World War II. He also exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1924, 1940 and 1942.
The artist never lost the contact with Romania and had friends from the community of Romanian artists and intellectuals, including Benjamin Fondane, George Enescu, Constantin Brâncusi, Camil Ressu, Nicolae Darascu, Panait Istrati, Traian Vuia, Eugène Ionesco, Emil Cioran and Paul Celan. Theodor Pallady bought Brâncusi sculpture The first Kiss.
The Melik House, located in Bucharest, which was built in 1750-1760 by the Armenian Hagi Kevork Nazaretoglu, is now the "Theodor Pallady" Museum, which features paintings painted on canvas by Pallady as well as over 800 drawings with landscapes, nudes, portraits or interiors, representative of Pallady's Parisian period.
From his style one sees the rigor of the German school together with the symbolism promoted by Moreau.
He is a follower of the current Art Nouveau and together with his friends, will lay the foundations of Fovism. But the artist Theodor Pallady had his own way.

Poppy flowers

Still life with red flowers

Self portrait

Landing on the Seine, from Belleville

Bridge over Seine

Always Baudelaire, 1940

Still life with flowers

Life Still

Woman in black

Rose mallow


Yellow flowers

Red flowers

Self portrait, 1938

Woman in interior, 1948

The Little Cigarette (Nude), 1931

Reading nude

Interior of the studio in Place Dauphine, 1934

Still life with may lilies, 1935

Flowers by the window, 1924-1926

Nud in studio, 1922 - 1924

French woman with fan,1920

Narcissus and lilies, 1920

Still life with lilies, fan and red mask, 1925

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